Do you identify as a bottom or submissive and feel like you need guidance on feeling safe? Are you new to the kink lifestyle and want to ask your burning questions? Or maybe you're just looking to dip your toes in and keep it in the bedroom? Sometimes going to classes can feel overwhelming especially if you want to ask questions. I aim to create a no-pressure atmosphere where you can feel free to ask anything you want. Working with new folks is something that really excites me because there is so much I wish I knew when I first started exploring. 


I have experience with all types of play as a top and bottom as well as different relationship dynamics including swingers, poly folks, and everything in between. I have served a few different Dominants of varying genders. For the past six years, I have traveled around the country teaching with my partner/Dominant, Miss Mackenzee, at numerous organizations including, but not limited to,, SF Citadel, Wicked Grounds, Voxbody Studios, Adventures in Sexuality, and Black Thorn/Sacred Muse. Hearing a bottom’s perspective and experience is an important aspect of kink and sexual education which I love providing. I pride myself on my openness and approachability. Consent is a huge part of my teaching and I believe it is one of the key elements to a successful dynamic of any kind. I have mentored numerous submissives and switches over the years. It gives me great pleasure being able to help facilitate safer play which leads to more fulfilling kink and sex lives! In creating a warm and welcoming environment, I have found that it is often easier for others to open up so that we can have an honest conversation. I'm here to help you live more authentically as yourself!



$150 an hour for Skype

$200 an hour for in-person


Email me to book:

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I took a class of Miss Mackenzee’s and Parker was her demo bottom. I really loved how involved she was in the class. I had some questions but felt too shy to ask during the workshop so I emailed Parker afterwards. We set up a virtual mentor session and she answered all my questions. I definitely feel more confident as a bottom now! I definitely recommend booking her.


I’ve been in the lifestyle for a few years now but I really wanted to explore my relationship with pain and pain processing a bit more. After seeing Parker’s presence online and reading her website, I knew that she was someone that would be able to help me. I was NOT disappointed. She was able to talk me through her process and gave me some exercises to practice outside of a scene that would help me in a scene. I had a chance to play afterwards and my Dom told me how impressed he was with my ability to handle more. I’m so excited to play heavier!


Thank you Parker for such an amazing session. You helped me feel extremely comfortable during our time together. I loved how casual it was which helped me feel more relaxed. I can’t wait to talk with you again.


Wow! Thank you so much for such an incredible time Parker. I’ve been wanting to get involved in the kink lifestyle but had no idea where to start. A friend of mine attended your Sub 101 class and recommended I contact you. I’m so thrilled that I was able to book with you. I feel more confident about exploring BDSM.


As a switch that is new to being a professional, I’m so glad I booked time with you as I feel better equipped in building my business. You really helped me with all the information you provided on how to keep myself safe, especially when I’m in the bottom role. I can’t wait to book with you again as I get more clients. Thanks again!


I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to talk with such an experienced bottom. You’ve helped me in more ways that I can tell you. The tips and advice you gave helped me feel more informed on what to look for in a potential Dom. Thanks again and I look forward to talking with you more!


Parker’s input during class was really helpful. I’ve been to too many classes where the demo bottom wasn’t given a chance to speak on their experience so when I saw Miss Mackenzee give her a chance to talk about things from her side of the slash, it made me so happy! As a Dominant, I really value my submissive’s experience and plan on sending them to Parker for mentoring.


I’ve always been too nervous to speak up in class so when you invited people to contact you after class, I breathed a sigh of relief that I could ask questions privately. Thank you for being open to my questions and I’m really looking forward to our first session together. I’ve got my notebook ready!


I walked away from my time with Parker feeling way more confident than when I walked in. She took the time to answer all my questions and if there was something she didn’t know, she told me that she would get back to me after doing research. I’ve had people tell me that before and I’d never hear from them again but within 2 days, I had an email from Parker with the information I was asking about. 10/10 recommend!


The help you provided is something that I will always carry with me. I really appreciate your vulnerability in sharing some of your experiences. It helped me understand some of the points even more knowing where you were coming from. Thanks again!


As a submissive that has been in the lifestyle for over 10 years, you wow-ed me with your knowledge and advice. Most of my bottoming has been with rope and I realized, after our mentor sessions, that I wasn’t an active participant in my own safety. I cannot thank you enough for your candid input. I feel so much more powerful in my kink journey. I will definitely be back for more mentoring. 


I attended your Sub 101 class with my partner and it blew my mind. I saw that you were accepting mentor clients and I just had to take that opportunity. All of the personalized information you provided was exactly what we needed. The first couple mentor sessions we had, we discussed a lot about safety, building our dynamic, play suggestions, and more. You made me realize that there is another side of me that has been waiting to come out but was too scared to. I realized that I needed to book another session to let you know about my revelation and I’m proud to say that I now identify as a switch! Now I need to pick your brain about that :)


I’ve had some really not so great experiences as a bottom and it’s caused me to be nervous about how to move forward. After talking with you and hearing your perspectives, I feel more comfortable seeking out a potential Daddy. I love that you gave me your number so that I can contact you more easily with any additional questions. I didn’t realize that as a little I could be so involved in negotiations. My kink life is forever changed...I can’t thank you enough.


I can’t praise Parker enough. If you are someone that has questions or concerns in the lifestyle, please reach out to her. She helped me immensely. 


I haven’t been in the scene that long but I wanted to gain some more knowledge and skills in a no-pressure environment. Miss Mackenzee and Parker were both incredible at helping me and my wife. We went to their gorgeous dungeon and learned hands-on skills. I was able to use toys on Parker so that she could talk about the difference between how Miss Mackenzee used them versus myself. I didn’t know there were that many toys to play with! And now I want all of them. I’m so glad we set up once a month mentoring through to the end of the year. I plan on being an expert by 2022! Thank you ladies so much. With love, Lisa & Emma.