Do you long to spend some time with a playful, passionate partner? I enjoy bringing together elements of BDSM and kink with the intimacy of a companion, culminating in an exciting intimate girlfriend experience. I am a switch so maybe you fantasize about tying up your girlfriend after a nice romantic dinner together or would you prefer to be on your knees, following my commands? I have a wide range of skills and interests. If kink isn’t your thing, that’s totally okay. I am attentive to your needs. I’m just as comfortable relaxing with a glass of wine, listening to music, and having an intellectual conversation or going out for dinner as I am with kink. I’m fun and easy-going with a very open mind.

I LOVE couples! Want to watch me flirt and touch your woman while your anticipation of joining builds? I love to please women and really enjoy the fun atmosphere being with a couple brings. I can be your kinky helper and teacher, guiding you through the beginning steps of BDSM. Bringing you the private journey you both so crave. I’m a very sensually charged woman and the idea of having two people to play with is exciting.


I really love taking my time getting ready and picking out the perfect dress to accentuate my curves. As I look in the mirror and put on my lipstick, my mind wanders to all manner of things that we can enjoy together. I enjoy many genres of music so maybe we can enjoy a show together. I love checking out local museums and admiring the different styles of art and stealing casual glances of desire with my partner.










I am flexible and versatile with an appetite to please. As I said, I offer BDSM as well as vanilla services. Maybe you're just looking for someone to spend some time with and keep you company whether that's going out or staying behind closed doors where we can be ourselves. I am comfortable with both casual and formal environments and anything in between! Or do you have a more adventurous taste and want to explore kink? I love fulfilling fantasies so don't feel shy about anything. I want to hear all about your deepest, darkest desires and help bring them to fruition.

Whatever your tastes may be, I'd love to satisfy your craving.

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