I've been enjoying all aspects of the BDSM lifestyle for 10 years. In those 10 years I have learned many exciting skills and fulfilled many people's desires. I enjoy all types of bondage, especially mummification, as a top and bottom. I have a strong background in the arts and literature which aids in imaginative role play sessions. I feel right at home playing the spoiled brat, slutty secretary, or a sexy sorority girl. I can also be a shy, bashful little girl. When I'm bratty and out of line, you might have to wrestle me down to control me; slap me, pull my hair, or tie me up when I wiggle and squirm. I truly love helping people bring their fantasies to life and experience that which they've only dreamed of. I'm conscious of not only the physical energy but also the mental energy of the scene. Your enjoyment of our time together is important and I take care to make sure it's a fulfilling experience for both of us. I know what my interests are and what I'm good at so I make sure that our interests align.

I thoroughly enjoy standing above someone and bending their will to me. Whether it's with tight bondage or by the sheer power of my words. Maybe you just want to experience a woman's beauty and worship my curves. Have you been a naughty boy and need to be taken over my knee for a spanking? Enjoy a little wrestling match? Think you can take me? Let's make a bet ;)










I can be the perfect little school girl submissive. Bondage is among my favorite fetishes; the feeling of complete immobility is amazing. I love being dominated, teased, and punished. As I said, I can be shy and bashful where even the slightest thing you say could make me blush and hide my face. But the fear and excitement I experience when I don't know what you may have in store for me is extremely arousing. Sometimes I need a tough Dom or Daddy to whip me into submission or drive me wild; one that would also be affectionate and spoil me like their little pet.

Over the course of my time in the kinky lifestyle my closet has grown to include outfits such as school girl skirts, cute underoo sets, stockings, thigh highs, knee highs, lace babydoll socks, various body stockings, corsets, boots, heels, masquerade masks, etc.

Read my erotica for free and get a glimpse into my perverted mind HERE.

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